Wednesday, January 30, 2008


WHILE being aware of craigslist, I've pretty much avoided it, until now, as it seems to be one of the places one now goes to look for jobs. Maybe just the current version of the classifieds, where every idiot out there looks, one thing strikes me as being different: there are more amusing and insane help wanted ads than I've ever remembered seeing before. Indeed, it's tempting to just let yourself be entertained while you should be sending out resumes and cover letters in an organized and sane manner.

Here is part of one I just read, the requirements for working at some kind of hedge fund fueled new media company: "must be able to work in a rock'n'roll environment, from full vol deathmetal to Norah Jones. Must be able to work with your dominant arm ripped off and shoved half-way up your arse while set on fire with gasoline, if necessary. Ideal candidate eats ibuprofen for breakfast and adrenaline for lunch. Long hours, sometimes several weeks at a time. This is an unpaid internship, but you will meet movers and shakers in both cutting edge entertainment and high-flying financial circles. You will learn what it's like to live on the edge and you'll make valuable contacts. Position also includes mundane tasks such as office clean up, doing the principal's laundry, and shopping for his girlfriends."

I'm wondering if my cover letters are too boring. With all the people who must answer these ads via email, I'm wondering if I should do something to make my reply stand out. Maybe I should write something totally insane. I could try it and see what happens.

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