Thursday, January 17, 2008

Must Possess A Positive Attitude

Instead of being depressed about emerging from eight years of retirement and being thrust into the ever more harsh and unforgiving job market with less chance than ever for success or fulfillment, much less happiness, and the prospect of now having to expend all of my creative time an energy to find a low-paying, unhealthily stressful, soul-destroying crap JOB, I decided I could at least TRY to embrace the entire process and whole experience as a necessary part of life, like, say, diarrhea, pain, and death, and celebrate it to the best of my ability.

I guess one nice thing about the world is that it keeps becoming new, whether you like it or not. It used to be a new world every time there was some upheaval like The Industrial Revolution, but things sped up to the point where there would be a new world with every new generation. Today, however, things have accelerated to the point that there is a new world every 14 seconds. Obviously that is an estimate, and quite variable, but the point is, things are now changing must faster than human beings can possibly keep up with. Yet we are all still human beings, and until that changes, we all, at least, have something in common.

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