Saturday, March 29, 2008

Now I'm Worried

A few weeks ago I had SIX job interviews in one week! One was dismal, but the rest were pretty okay-- I would say yes to any of these jobs. One seemed like a really comfortable environment, and there was one that seemed really interesting and paid really well. By the end of the week I had narrowed it down to the only one that offered me a job, but then I had to go out of town suddenly.

But my confidence had been bolstered, and I figured it would be no trouble to get more interviews. Since then I have sent resumes and well-written cover letters to a few job listings a day from craigslist, but I have yet to get a single call back from any of them. And this worries me because I think my cover letters are my strong point; when people meet me in person, I think they get doubts. The astute human recourses person can easily tell, mostly because of my inability to lie or even bullshit, that I'd probably rather be sitting at home writing in my American Job online journal than actually working. Which is true; yet, I need a job, and money, and I have worked in countless jobs successfully, was thought to be a good worker, and there is a certain element to it (usually the WORK itself) that I value, take seriously, and even enjoy. After all, I'm basically a normal person who likes sports, playing cards, eating, washing dishes, friends, families, relationships, doesn't understand money, and am scared of death.

I got to thinking that maybe this job searching business is a lot like casino gambling (or, I guess, any gambling) where you're hot for a while and then cold for even longer. Everything goes in streaks. And I mean EVERYTHING. If there is one constant to life, it's how everything goes in steaks. Why? I have no idea, except maybe it's Murphy's Law. Murphy's Law again and again. As far as I can tell, Murphy is God, and God is Murphy, and it's all as simple as that.

Oh, yeah, okay-- there's that other little factor called "love." But try sometime-- for an experiment, or if you're just plain crazy like I'm starting to think I may be-- try talking about LOVE in a job interview, and see how far that gets you.

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